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Love the program and have used it for a long time. Recently upgraded to a mac pro and when I migrated my old system, my short name was changed by adding the number 2 (this was due to the new system having the same short name). I have changed the short name for the new system at the root level but I am having problems with the migrated system . I have a user abcdefghijk 2 (fictitious but same number of letters). In applejack it shows a user "2" and a user "abcdefghijk". The numbers associated with all the other users including abcdefghijk are a 500 number (501 etc). The number forf user "2" is 2. Applejack will not recognize (this is for cache cleaning) "2" or "abcdefghijk". Further when I put in /users/abcdefghijk 2, I get an error saying something like " to many arguments" (line 30). Is the problem the length of the username or the space between the letters and number or the number itself or something entirely different? How can I fix this without changing the short name for the migrated system?


  • Thanks for the detailed problem report.

    Short unix names should not include any spaces. That's the problem right there. AppleJack could be rewritten to take account of short names with spaces, but my recommendation is that you remove that space in the unix short name as it will likely cause problems with other utilities that will be parsing it.