#69 Can't connect to internet.


G3 iBook running 10.4.11. Installed latest version. Ran program. Restarted. Airport no longer recognized wireless signal from Westell router on Verizon DSL."Airport is on ,but not connected to any network". Tried connecting directly with ethernet cable. Got "Ethernet cable is not connected". Ran uninstall. Rebooted. Got black and white window-among other things said fsck not done. Typed exit. Same result - no internet. Tried archive and reinstall 10.4.3 from disk -no help.
Any ideas? please keep it simple not too tekkie.

Much obliged for any help-I run a business on this computer and I'm stuck.



  • Hello. Thanks for your report. And sorry you are having trouble. What kind of issues were you having that made you decide to run AppleJack? It helps to know what the background was (pre-existing issues, if you will).

    By "latest version" I assume you mean AppleJack 1.5?

    It looks like your OS is having trouble re-configuring itself after the cache removal. Try this:

    Go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. Move the following items to your desktop:com.apple.airport.preferences.plist

    Hopefully that will kick start your computer's sense that something needs to be re-checked, and it will rebuild its information cache.

    I'd also be interested in seeing your AppleJack log file. Can you attach it to this thread? In the Finder, please select "Go" from the Finder menu. You'll see an item there called something like "Go to Folder...". Pick that one. Type the following into the box:

    and hit return. You'll see a list of log files, among them: AppleJack.log. copy it to your desktop, and select it from your browsers file browser at the bottom of this page.

    When you run your Apple System Profiler, do you see your ethernet card and airport card in its output?

    Were you having any networking issues before?