#49 I ran applejack last night for the first time


and 15 hours later, it still showed row after row of *.........
Is that normal? How long should it take?

I haven't been able to resolve problems prior using Disk Utility (it tells me when I go to use Disk Utility: repair permissions or even verify permissions, I get an error message:

Disk Utility has lost it's connection with the Disk Management tool and cannot continue. Please Quit and Relaunch Disk Utility. Then when I hit quit is says: Disk Utility still has some operations in progress. Quitting in the middle of some functions can leave a disk non operational. Are you sure you want to quit.

I've tried Disk Warrior and in the repair permissions section it hangs up and never finishes.

Now I'm trying this with the above result *...... etc.

Any suggestions?


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    run applejack without auto, and just do the disk repair (ie, don't run the permissions repair routines). The ......* you are getting are from a hung permissions repair process that is not completing. See if you can get the disk repair to work. From the sounds of it, however, you have some pretty serious disk damage. If, as you say, disk warrior couldn't fix your disk, then I think it's time to either throw out the disk or reformat and restore from backup.