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#40 ibook dead after running applejack


hi there

i ran AJ in single user mode etc as per instructions 2 nights ago. it was really slow in permissions and i ended up going to bed after 3 hrs. in the morning the computer was completely dead, i can't get any kind of noise from it at all. i have an ibook g4 running on OSX10.4.3. it has been having trouble for a few months, crashing all the time in various applications (mail, osx, word), often just because i physically move the laptop itself. i don't want to sound too freaked out, but PLEASE HELP!!

  • talya

have registered but waiting for verify email. meanwhile my email address is talychka@gmail.com


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    Your iBook hard drive died. That's the symptoms unmistakably. Several months of random crashing, then one day it's dead. The data is lost along with the drive. AppleJack can't fix this one. Only a drive replacement will fix it. Sorry. Next time, when you experience crashing, open Disk Utility (in the Utilities folder). Long before the drive fails, you'll see a red message toward the bottom of Disk Utility indicating that the drive is failing. Good Luck.