#29 mount drives for troubleshooting


Bill Larson suggests:

"If AppleJack were to allow the user to mount a USB
Flash Drive (I don't know if this is possible in single
user mode), then additional tools could easily be made
available when the system needs to be repaired. For
example, I just needed to repair a broken NetInfo
database. The Apple knowledge base has you type in a
fairly long Perl script. Since I wasn't willing to
type this script in, and since my system really wasn't
doing much at all, I just blew away the NetInfo
database and reconfigured the system. If I would have
been able to create this script on another machine and
then save it on a flash drive and move it over to the
server, I would have saved myself a few minutes. In
other situations, actually restoring the NetInfo
database could have been critical and having the
ability to easily obtain this Perl script would have
been a major time, and/or career, saver. Just an idea."

Maybe something to add to the advanced menu.


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    I'm not sure how I can mount a USB drive in single user
    mode. If you have any documentation on how to do this from
    the shell, including what launchd and/or system services
    need to be started in order to make it work, please add that
    documentation to this request, and I'll make it happen. Thanks.