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Root user

  • John Monaco
    John Monaco

    I installed applejack on my daughter's Mac laptop in OS 10.5.
    When I try to run it it tells me I am not authorized as a root user and quits.
    I tried authorizing myself as a root user and still no luck.
    Please help.

    • Peter M. Fine
      Peter M. Fine

      PROBLEM may be that Applejack is NOT made to run under 10.5 so I would not move forward on this.
      What you should do, IMO, is to try and UNINSTALL and see if that works.

      You might be lucky in that you were stopped instead of causing possible damage. :-)


    • Hello,

      As noted throughout the forums, AppleJack pre the 1.5 version is not Leopard compatible. Please download the new version. Thanks.