applejack revealing hidden system probs

  • Rolf

    my mac os x 10.4.8 probably would have been happily dealing with this prob until it was recycled.
    but - discovered by applejack - this message is regulartly shown and it hurts:

    "usr/bin/lookupd/[171]:exited abnormally:Hangup"

    it's not that the whole system would crash - it's only that i don't like this message.

    anybody know of a remedy ?

    • Ilgaz

      It is not a joke, the lookupd hangup is a "feature", not a "Bug". When network configuration changes (e.g. new airport network, DSL/Cable config change) , OS X sends "-HUP" , hangup signal to lookupd process to restart it.

      Some administrators also manually send -HUP signal to certain processes when they need to refresh them or they figure they are no longer responding.

      -HUP is a "polite" and standard way of restarting a Unix process if it supports that signal. It is the systems terminalogy which makes you anxious of course. It is not Control C (break) or signal 11 (kill) type of termination.

      • Just wondering, are you connected or disconnected from any kind of network on your computer?

    • This is nothing to worry about, and can't be gotten rid of. Messages from the operating system are out of AppleJack's control and have only one place they can go, and this to your screen. They will appear there if they want to.

      As far as I know, this message is a pretty common message from lookupd. I've certainly seen it hundreds of times, but I don't know why it crashes.