Support for 10.6

  • Has Applejack been updated for compatibility with 10.6?

  • Harry Brooks
    Harry Brooks

    Well not for me it does not work. Worked first class in Tiger and Leopard,
    version 1.6 downloaded and installed with system OX S.6.4 and all I get after
    booting into single user mode is a complete freeze after instruction to enter
    after root/#

    Lot of gibberish about Bluetooth precedes tis so I am going to try turning off
    Bluetooth and restarting.

  • I read the change log and it shows that 1.6 has support for Snow Leopard. It
    is working fine for me now. I would suggest uninstalling the previous version
    and installing the new one, if you haven't done that yet.

  • Peter M. Fine
    Peter M. Fine

    Works for me in 10.6.4 and it has been stated on line that the current version
    is Snow Leopard compatible. Whether a version works on YOUR particular system
    with your hardware and mix of other software is not because of compatibility
    with the OS as such.

    I would have suggested you check the responses here to this forum before
    installing though.

  • Harry Brooks
    Harry Brooks

    Well how does one uninstall when unable to enter the uninstall command? And
    version installed is 1.6.

  • thomas_u

    AJ runs great for me in 10.6.4. Here's what I would do in harryb2448's case:

    • Run Cocktail or SNL-CacheCleaner (Shareware) or Onyx (Free) in "AutoPilot - Clean Everything (Everything!)"-mode, restart;

    • Install MacOSX 6.4 Combo-Updater, restart;

    • Uninstall all remnants of previous AppleJack installments using Terminal or Finder, restart;

    Quote from the ReadMe:

    APPENDIX A: What Is Installed, and Where?
    /private/var/root/Library/Scripts/ - the AppleJack script
    /usr/share/man/man8/applejack.8 - man page for AppleJack
    /Library/Documentation/AppleJack - ReadMe and License files for AppleJack

    Additionally, if you choose 'Customize' during the installation process, you
    can choose to install the Memtest OS X package, which will install the
    /usr/local/sbin/memtest - the memtest memory testing program
    /usr/share/man/man8/memtest.8 - man page for memtest
    /Library/Documentation/memtest414 - the documentation for memtest

    The installer also modifies the root user's profile (/var/root/.profile) in
    order to create a friendly usage reminder message at startup in single user

    • Try out single user mode; if successful: Install AppleJack.



  • Harry Brooks
    Harry Brooks

    Removed Applejack using Terminal instructions.

    Downloaded new version and installed. Will not boot into Single User Mode
    using wireless keyboard. Connected wired board, turned off Bluetooth, Reboot
    into single user mode and Applejack ran perfectly. Was getting a lot of
    gibberish whhen booting into single user mode about Bluetooth so must be
    something to do with that.

    Who knows what Bluetooth card was installed there are that many of them?

    Thanks Thomas for your suggestions.

  • Peter M. Fine
    Peter M. Fine

    Can you boot into single user mode without Applejack running from a BT
    keyboard and mouse? If you can not this issue then has nothing to do with
    AppleJack right?

    I believe only more recent machines and OSX support BT at that level but that
    info seems unrelated to this product, IMO.

    Most macs do not have BT cards, it is on logic board now but maybe in the Mac
    Pro it is still on a card but have not looked inside.

    Apple site should list hardware that supports BT the way you want if at all.