#23 Quirky problems after running AJ1.3.2


After running AppleJack 1.3.2 on OSX1.3.9:

After a lengthy reboot everything ran sluggishly until a second
reboot. Further, certain MS Word documents lost some of their
formatting: e.g. smart quotes & apostrophes became that little "i"
with an umlaut. (Thank god that didn't happen to my 300+ page
novel-in-the-works or I'd have considered climbing into the car to
look for you). Also, all user-defined styles were deleted and I now
have to rebuild them manually.

Small problem: My gorgeous photo associated with my user account

Another small problem: Many applications used for a long time are
now considered to be running for the first time.


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    Hello, and thank you for your detailed trouble report.

    It's normal for a reboot to take longer than usual after all
    the caches have been cleared (they have to be rebuilt).

    Usually, however, a machine will run faster rather than
    slower once it's been rebooted. I don't know why this isn't
    so in your case. Were you having any troubles with your
    machine BEFORE running AppleJack?

    I'm sorry to hear about the Word issues. It's the first
    report I've ever had of something like this, so I'm curious
    of there will be any follow-ups to this.

    A couple things I need to know: 1) did you run AppleJack
    manually or in auto mode? If you ran it in auto mode, did
    you run it using the "AUTO" (deep clean) mode, or the "auto"
    (normal clean) mode?

    Another small problem: Many applications used for a long
    time are
    now considered to be running for the first time.
    If you do the deep clean, it's normal and documented in the
    read me, that you will lose your Launch Services settings,
    as well as any cached user icon images you've created. The
    user icon can usually be reconstructed just by resetting it
    again in the "accounts" preference pane (most likely it's
    still there in your user account, i'ts just not available to
    the system until after you've logged in and set it again.)

    If you ran it in manual mode, did you also clean out your
    user level cache (ie, did you type /Users/yourname) during
    the cache cleaning routine?

    Did you notice, during the preference check, whether any
    Microsoft preferences had been marked as corrupt and moved
    to the Library/Preferences (corrupt) folder? You can check
    the AppleJack log at /var/log/AppleJack.log

    I'd also be interested in knowing which version of Microsoft
    Office and Word you are running, if you are running it in
    classic, if you were experiencing any weird issues with it
    before, etc.

    One more thing, after the reboot, do you have the following
    501 might be 502 or 503, whatever your user id is.

    Thanks. Depending on your responses, I'll probably set up a
    new bug report dealing with the Microsoft Word issues, and
    see if I get any other reports from other users.

    In the meantime, if you haven't been all too soured on
    AppleJack yet, I would encourage you to download version
    1.4.1, so I can use the same code base as you are in
    troubleshooting. Thanks.

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    Just launched FontBook, disabled (turned off) some fonts,
    closed FontBook, rebooted my Tiger 10.4 running iMac into
    single user mode, ran AppleJack with 'applejack auto', ran
    all tasks, including Cache cleaning routine. Rebooted into
    Aqua mode, and logged in. All disabled fonts still show up
    as disabled, despite the /Library/Caches/com.apple.ATS/502
    folder having been deleted. The only thing I noticed is that
    it took FontBook a long time to load up (expected as it has
    to rebuild the caches).

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    Hello, I haven't heard any feedback on this issue for quite
    a while, so I'm going to assume these issues have gone away.
    I'm putting the ticket into "pending" mode, which means it
    will automatically close in 14 days unless more information
    on the problem is added. Thanks.

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