#131 fsck operation incomplete (best practices not followed)


Applejack 1.6 still isn't prompting to run fsck again when "the filesystem was modified" until it is run with a clean bill of health. If one doesn't keep an eye peeled for the result message and manually have Applejack run fsck again until so no longer necessary, directory damage could escape unnoticed and accumulate disastrously! Isn't it best practice to keep running fsck until it passes with flying colors? Maybe Applejack should just repeatedly run fsck all by itself until it comes up clean.


  • It looks like the return value on running fsck is not being set right in Leopard and Snow Leopard. It used to be that if fsck failed (ie did not return 0), the check would (in auto mode) repeat itself up to nine times.

    This no longer works. And I can't find any documentation on which exit codes are being returned when fsck runs. So there's no way for AppleJack to know if fsck failed or not.

  • if you, while still having an unrepaired disk, were to boot into single user mode and run:

    /sbin/fsck -f -n

    and when it exits (hopefully it won't automatically restart), if you then run:
    echo $?

    What is the output? 0 or something else?