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Hi, i'm and end user of apophysis with a big problem. A
few weeks ago I change from win2 to XP and now I just
can't get to make it work properly. It hangs, freezes,
doesn't start correctly and then it wont quit with the
task manager.
I've installed the 2.02 version from apophysis.org
page, an then installed the newest version from here,
I really need help, don't know what to do, i'm doing
something wrong?


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    If yo haven't resolved this as yet I'd suggest subscribing
    to the Apo newsgroup and posting there. You can subscribe
    from the link at www.apophysis.org

    aka 2B2H

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    Check microsoft.com for "hotfixes"(updates) that might be
    interfering with some tasks assoc. with apop,especially
    time of o/s upgrade.
    Another thing if you have giant anti spyware or windows
    defender beta 2 these progs could be also interfering.
    Ram is a big issue with apop and XP o/s make sure you @
    least 512mb.

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    Well if you switched to xp from windows 2000/me you should have way less probs with apophysis, Apop is a considerable resource hog on cpu and ram you should check to see if xp is allowing the prog to run- xp has a certificate authentification prog built into it which can hinder progs from running properly and especially windows defender also.
    I'm running xp pro with a P4 2.5gh with a gig of ram.
    Make sure you have at least 512 mb of ram for XP and give both apop versions time to start and shut down.
    Turn off any un-neccesary progs in taskmanager before starting apop.
    I'm just telling ya from yrs of experience with apop it needs ram.
    a big help for ya is run it from inside a folder on your desktop that helps too (me anyway)
    apop is real finicky about file paths too.
    Hope some of this helps
    because the ppl writing
    the code for apop could
    care less for your troubles.
    possibly one more thing is your startup/render
    settings for apop keep them low
    %100 quality is plenty 200-500-2000
    is silly settings.
    filter radiue at 0.4 plenty good
    over sampling between 1&4 plenty good
    render size 1024X768 good

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