#42 Network/multiprocessor rendering


The ablility to split a rendering task between two or
more systems on a network allowing for higher
resolution images.


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    i second this.
    i have many spare computers sitting around, and i have always thought about a Render Farm for aopohysis.

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    A render farm for apophysis would be awesome. I have a 4400x2 oced to 2.6ghz and it still takes 1hr plus for 10kquality 2500*2500 res images not including the many batches for improved quality. Perhaps a parallel bat run (x number of batches running at once for x number of processors)

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    i agree on this one i just decided to render an image that i could zoom in 5X without loss of quality and its going to take me a LOT of time and i have quite a cpu me ! but it would recuire a change in how rendering goes OR a .bat sending data to clients (preset clients in a standart file in the temp!) about the render and make it render a following strip this could be perfectet with simple math (auto benchmark every pc and check its speed then split the file in just the right amounts of work to make each pc do good work and make it not matter what pc is faster!) wow i just gave a big comment :P