#24 Save Window Layout


I would like for Apophysis to have the ability to save its
configuration layout so that the next time it is opened it
will remember which windows were open and their
loactions so that next time I open Apophsis it will be
just like I like to use it.
an example would be Macromedia Flash has a save
panel layout which allows you to customize how it

Dave Schenk


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    great Idea if possible without complex changes to programs
    inherent simlplicity (such as program running without being
    installed into windows?)

  • dmschenk

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    What if Apo were to create a position file to hold the info
    similar to some of the other files it creates on the fly. for
    instance the favorites file is create on the fly when you use
    the favorites manager. If you create an button called "save
    window positions" and upon clicking this button it creates the
    position file you would be set. Now all you have to do is get
    Apo to recognize that the file is there upon starting. if it is not
    there, then use the default.


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    menus that tear away like photoshop would very helpful in
    organizing workspace for quicker control of perameters.
    switching from triangle tab to transform tab etc. can be
    very inhibiting to workflow. If you could chose to have all
    open at the same time you could just go straight to
    controls without clicking the little tab and waiting for
    the other window to appear first. also having the program
    remember the layout would be great also i agree.

  • Piotr Borys
    Piotr Borys

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    hmmm... would be nice, indeed :)
    As of somebody telling about Apophysis 'not being installed'
    - just take a look into Windows registry - there're some
    entries from Apo ;) It doesn't have to be _installed_
    through a installer, it does its entries after a first run :)
    Dockable menus? why not...