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#17 Pause/Resume render jobs like in UltraFractal.


Salamah Bin Akwa' here, I would like to give a
suggestion. It may be in your "to do" list already.

I have been using Ultra Fractal. For rendering, it has
totally seperate mechanism. You can create multiple
render jobs, you can pause some jobs and continue
some other you want. If you need to shut down or if the
power goes off, the render jobs can be continued later
from where it was broken. This way, very very huge
renders can be done by spanning them over many days.
This also helps people with low resource computers.
Also, some times, I only need render of a specific
portion, not entire flame. I would like this feature to be
available as well. Its not the same as to edit the current
flame to get the specific portion rendered.Editing the
flame cannot always get the desired results. I hope I
make my self clear.

I may sound like demanding but I am only suggesting. I
understand that it is not possible for you to do every
thing and neither it is necessary to do it.

Take care.


  • Peter Sdobnov
    Peter Sdobnov

    • status: open --> closed