Grainy rendering in Apo 2.0.5beta2

  • Hi,

    Strange problem here. I have a flame that renders just fine in Apo 2.0.2, but when I render the same flame in Apo 2.0.5 beta 2 the result looks totally crappy. It's very grainy and contains curves that where not rendered in Apo 2.0.2. Those also aren't visible in the preview in Apo 2.0.5 beta 2.
    Changing the quality setting or buffer depth in the render settings doesn't change anything here.

    I tried it with other flames. Always the same grainy results.
    Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? Or is it a known bug of the beta?


    • Piotr Borys
      Piotr Borys

      Umm... really strange. It's not a known bug, this version renders well.
      One thing that comes to my mind is this version treats zooming in another way 2.02 did. Are your flames zoomed in?
      And you are saying, all of your flames behave the same way? Could you send me one of them?

      cheers, Peter.