#17 2.03a


Mutaion Window

In the mutations window, on clicking a panel to update
the center flame and screan flame, I find that
sometimes a different non-showing flame appears, or a
different window flame appears.

Clicking undo does reset the flame back, however,
sometimes the flames in the mutation window show as
they were, and sometimes they dont. Sometimes a click
on a flame that was first desired that failed to show,
when showing again on undo will the second time show
correctly. Sometimes on a subsecquent click a
previously desired mutation will appear that previously
had not.



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    I did not run across this issue but I did notice that when
    you click a surrounding mutation and it refreshes to the
    center it is different than the mutation you clicked on. I
    did a print screen to Irfanview, placed it next to the
    mutation window to verify. After verifying print screen and
    mutation window matched I selected a surrounding mutation
    and it was different when it refreshed in the center.
    Basically the same it just seemed to have tightened up like
    it may have applied the random, equalize, or compute weight
    (from Flame drop down menu) function to it before it
    refreshed it in the center.

  • Peter Sdobnov
    Peter Sdobnov

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