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apodio5 (hardy8.04i386) on macbook-pro3,1

  • hi, I've a macbookpro3,1 and my target is tripleboot osx10.6 + apodio5.08 + xp.
    I read apodio5 is based on hardy 8.04 i386.
    I know there are many guides but nothing seems work properly, and
    hardy 8.04 i386 seems no good for macbook-pro3,1 (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook).
    so my questions are:
    1. I tryed triple-boot with osx10.6 + apodio5.08 (ubuntu-hardy-i386) + xp, but seems that GRUB can't start from hd(0,2) (where I installed it); perhaps I have to install lilo instead grub (many sites say that), or I have to install grub onto MBR hd(0,0), or simply hardy is not good for ver.3,1 macbookpro?
    2. if hardy was the problem, when you think next version of apodio will be downloadable? or there is the way right now to install jaunty and update-it with a specific apodio-repository?
    3. rEFIt "sees" apodio in boot menu, but when I choose it appears a screen saying somthing like "this isn't a bootable disk"…have I to synch something in rEFIt, or have I to reinstall somthing else?
    guys, please help me.
    in apodio webpage there is a picture of a macbook-pro running apodio…so there must be a solution of my problem!
    Adriano Castaldini

  • APO33

    sorry for late reply.
    I don't have macbook pro with me, I use a lot of them in workshop and I everytime use it as live never as installation (not mine) so I am not very advanced on those questions but
    I don't advice to update apodio 5 (ubuntu 8.04) with jaunty!!!! might not be fun (depend the point of view)… we are working on the new version (with jaunty) this week and will probably put a downloadable version next week.
    So I will test for the next version if I could find a macbook pro, otherwise you will have to find another forum for mac/linux user… but I am interested if you find a solution that you posted it here.


  • It's perfect: I'll wait for your next release of Apodio! And if you will test it on a Macbook, it will be a fantastic help for me and all Mac/Apodio users.