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Patrick Wolf


First of all, like the ApexLib framework. some nice and easy-to-use functionality.

I have a request and maybe an interesting feature for ApexLib to disable/enable rowselectore based on query or value from a column in the tabular form. I couldnot find any functionality to disable a rowselector with pl/sql. currently i have come up with a workaround, which based on a hidden column in de tabform will disable de checkbox (with JS).

But it would be much easier en more flexible to be able to do this using a compuation pl/sql anomynous block.

Hereby my JS-script for this functionality and needs to be added in regions footer. Some additional information, f01 is ofcourse the rowselector and f03 is a hidden column of the report with values true or false indicating if checkbox needs to be disabled (or not)
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
<!-- Hide
// Bepalen rowSelector en (hidden-) kolom die aangeeft of die al geeffectuurd mag worden
rowSelector = document.getElementsByName('f01');
toDisable = document.getElementsByName('f03');

// Met For-loop de betreffende rowSelectors disablen
for (i=0; i<toDisable.length; i++)
if (toDisable[i].value = 'true')
alert ('value of '+i+' = '+ toDisable[i].value );
rowSelector[i].disabled = true;

// End Hide -->


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    Thanks for your suggestion. I will look into that.