Apexlib Concepts

Doah S
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    Doah S

    Hello Patrick,

    I am new to APEX so it was a good challenge to implement your Apexlib framework and plugin but it works great. Thanks so much for such a great add-on to APEX.

    I was hoping you could help me with understanding some concepts of how ApexLib works. I have reviewed the JavaScript code (wow is all i can say) and I am trying to figure out how the onblur is called from the html source for when a filed is marked as required or min and max is set. When viewing the html code generated i see the text fields but i don't see the javascript onblur command to invoke your javascript code?

    Also how are you preventing the submit button from submitting if there is an issue on the text fields?

    I have created some custom javascript functions that I integrated with your apexlib.error.showError function and then I call it from the element attribute of the report form and all works good for the field validation but I need to know how to prevent the submit button from actually submitting if there is an issue with the fields.  Can you help with this? Or at least help expand my knowledge of how you are stopping the submit?