what's the current version of ApexLib?

  • Hello,

    what's the current version of ApexLib? I couldn't find announced v.1.7 to download.

    • I've got the same questions.  The link for 1.7 points to 1.6 on SourceForge.

      It is causing me errors because I downloaded the 1.7 ApexBuilder Plugin which references functions that are not in 1.6. 

      Here are several of the missing functions not found in 1.6


      • Patrick Wolf
        Patrick Wolf

        Hi guys,

        1.6 is the current version which is downloadable. I have withdrawn the 1.7 version because it looks like that some bugs have been introduced. They have already been fixed but I have to repack and distribute a new version.

        About the missing functions.

        When you install ApexLib you should always use the install instructions which come with the distribution. They will fit to the version you have downloaded.

        The above missing functions are part of the 1.7 version -> the web site has still the 1.7 documentation online.

        Hope to upload a new version soon.