Problem with date in tabular form

  • First of all, hi and thank you for really great framework.
    I am currently in phase of evaluating and experimenting apexlib, and I found one issue in using tabular forms. I have db column named YEAR of type varchar2(4). When I create tabular form and set format mask on field YEAR to YYYY, client side validation works perfectly fine except that entered year is decremented by 1.
    So, when I enter a87u, or something like that, I get immediate message that entered value is not corresponding to mask YYYY. But when I enter 2010 and press TAB on keyboard, value 2010 becomes 2009, 2009 becomes 2008 etc.
    Im not sure that I am reporting this on right place, but anyway, thats all :)

  • Hi,

    never heard of a behaviour like that. Did you try it without ApexLib?

  • Yes, I did it in another application which is not using apexlib and evything works fine. Strange :)