Cannot change regional sequence number on tab

  • Andrey_s1

    Hello Patrick.
    I am using:
        APEX on Windows XP.
        Database Oracle9i Release

    Cannot change regional sequence number on tabular form

    We have a page with a couple of regions. When we create a region with a Tabular Form Browser Validation and Max Length for tabular form columns, using apexlib for checking field values, by setting Link Attributes as $APEXLIB_REQUIRED$, the region sequence number is generated by wizard. In our case this number is 15.  By default it working fine, but when we set this number to any other value, validations just stop working. Is this number referred somewhere your code and how can we change it as we need?   

    Thank you.
    Andrey Sirbu

    • Patrick Wolf
      Patrick Wolf

      Hi Andrey,

      can you run the page with debug mode enabled (in the developer toolbar press debug) and send me this output.
      Or check the ApexLib debug messages yourself, to see why the framework doesn't do the validation anymore.

      You can send the html output to the e-mail address which you can find in the HowToIntegrate.html