hey, I think the cubans could use aperture.

so - I guess that aperture does not contain encryption and switched blocking it off.

is this true?
This project does NOT incorporate, access, call upon, or otherwise use encryption of any kind, including, but not limited to, open source algorithms and/or calls to encryption in the operating system or underlying platform.


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Betreff: Export Control setting for SourceForge.net projects
Datum: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 22:11:36 +0000
Von: SourceForge.net Team <noreply@sourceforge.net>
An: leo@gnowsis.com

Hello SourceForge project administrator,

SourceForge has project settings to help you comply with regulations
governing distribution of software to persons from certain countries
(aka Export Controls).	We've had some recent questions about these
settings, so have sent out this note to all administrators to make
sure all projects have this information.

By default, software downloads initiated by visitors from Sudan, North
Korea, Syria, Iran and Cuba are blocked.

A project administrator may disable this blocking if they conclude
that their project is *not* subject to US export-related regulations
or any prohibitions of applicable jurisdictions:
1. Project Admin -> Project Settings.
2. Find the "Export Control" section.
3. Tick the first radio button under "Export Control" and click "Update".

We at SourceForge are committed to the ideals of free and open source
software, including the principle of free exchange of information. Our
approach to access control is intended to empower you and reward your
continued trust.  We recognize, however, that our approach isn't the
completely free access to everything for everyone that some would
like.  As a US-based web site, SourceForge is committed to complying
fully with US laws and regulations, including those affecting the
distribution of software.  We will continue to work as diligently as
possible to ensure that our legal compliance is coupled with the
highest quality of service that we can offer to our diverse, global
user base.

Best regards,

Daniel Hinojosa
Sr. Manager, SourceForge.net Support

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your SourceForge.net account or your use of SourceForge.net services.

We make a small number of directed mailings to registered users each
year regarding their account or data, to help preserve the security of
their account or prevent loss of data or service access.

If you have concerns about this mailing please contact our Support
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