I guess the test plugin would be another OSGi plugin that is started with its activator.

I would especially look for:
* are all jars there, this is often only visible when the extractor is run (as you said)
* does the Outlook/Jacob.dll thingy work (a bit more tricky, but here its easy to make mistakes and it should be tested)


It was Christiaan Fluit who said at the right time 25.05.2009 09:25 the following words:
I still know very little about OSGi, but to me it sounds like a good 
approach, or at least I see no other way to test this in an automatic way.



Antoni Mylka wrote:
Hello Aperturians,

I've just integrated the latest trunk of Aperture with Nepomuk [1]
trunk. For us it's a great testbed for the osgi-related features of
aperture. I stumbled into some issues. It would be great to have them
automatically tested.

It's not enough to see if the bundles start. All factories must be
available and it must be possible to do something, with them. It's the
only way to rule out missing or unimplemented activators and
ClassNotFoundErrors occuring via
ClassLoader.loadClass("string.class.name") that aren't picked by the
maven bundle plugin. It's also the only way to see if the osgi
manifests we've created for our dependencies actually work.

I imagine that for each factory in aperture, there is a test in the
integration-test module. It's simple, like 5-10 lines.
- assert that the given factory is available as an osgi service in the
- assert that it is possible to do something with that factory
(extract something from a file, run a crawler etc.) without getting
any classnotfoundexceptions. It's not necessary to test if the
functionality works correctly - there are unit tests for that, just to
see if it's available in osgi and if all the bundles are wired

The test plugin would have two executions, they would differ in some
system property. The test code would check the value of that property
and depending on that value it would either run the test in an
environment with all fine-grained bundles, or with a single

It should be simple but very useful.

What do you think?


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