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2008/6/6 Antoni Myłka <>:
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Antoni Myłka wrote:
You are right, we need to integrate:

mailing list
sourceforge fora
tracker items (bugs and feature requests, both issues and comments)
wiki changes
We have a forum? ;)


I take this as a sign of support for a unification of the Aperture-related
information channels.
Hello Aperturians!

I've been quiet for a while but now it's time to go on. The issue raised by
Grant is valid IMHO. There are following information channels:

those with automatic notifications: (push)
1. this list
2. the forum: ("monitor this forum" link)
3. 4 different RSS feeds
  - wiki updates
  - news
  - releases
  - summary (really cool, includes a download count every day)

those with no (or partial) notifications (pull)
1. the trackers:
  - bugs:
  - feature requests:
  Having real email notifications about all tracker activity requires a
  paid sourceforge account (which sucks IMHO). I only get notified
  about items submitted by or assigned to me. Does anyone have some
2. the svn log:
  I can set up a commit mailing list, do you think it's worthwile?

I have already hidden one unused tracker ("Patches") and two unused forums
("Developers" and "Help"). The "Open Discussion" has been renamed to
"Aperture Forum". Now it's cleaner. (Two trackers, one forum).

It is possible (and easy) to set up a commit mailing list. Do you think it's


I resurrect this thread because SF has enabled a timeline functionality at last.

Under there are five tabs: news,
details, public, related, activity. Click on Activity and see what's
been cooking. All forum posts and tracker comments are there. I'm also
setting up a commit mailing list and will add a hook to SVN. This will
allow me to get up in the morning, brew myself a coffee and see

1. aperture-dev posts
2. forum posts - email from 'watch this project'
3. wiki updates - rss feed
4. statistics (e.g. the download count), news and releases - rss feed
5. all tracker activity (new and changed issues) - email
6. all commits - email from aperture-commit

All in two folders in Thunderbird mails and RSS. Now I won't miss
anything anymore.

My question is: do you want to have it all channelled to aperture-dev?
IMHO it would be a good idea. It's a developer list and we're the
Aperture community aren't we? Otherwise everyone interested will have
to set it all up by him/herself.

In other projects, we made a second mailinglist to make it optional. We oculd make another aperture mailinglist for the updates

developers, what do you think?


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