It was Herko ter Horst who said at the right time 13.10.2008 15:38 the following words:
but can we remove the "beta"?

its not beta anymore, in my eyes

Somewhat agreed. AFAIK, the subcrawler functionality hasn't been 
officially been part of a release yet, so it could be considered "beta". 
  Or are we satisfied it is stable?

I haven't been involved in version numbering for Aperture in the past, 
so I don't know what the reasoning behind the version numbering has 
been. In general, I don't think we've followed the page, or at least 
not in a way I would have expected.
we have stuck to that scheme already and will go on with it,

it was only the "names" that are undecided


In general I would expect version numbers to develop like this:

Phase 0. New idea, "internal" development starts
0.1 proof of concept
0.2 improving the idea
0.5 halfway there...
0.9 almost there!

Phase 1: Getting ready for first public release
1.0-alpha<n>: first release(s) to the community, "request for comments"
1.0-beta<n>: this is what we think it should look like, please test
[1.0-rc<n>: barring critical bugs, this is what the 1.0 release will be]
1.0: first public release
1.0.1: first bugfix release

Phase 1.1: Adding new functionality/API
1.1-alpha: discussing the new functionality/API with the community
1.0.2: fixing things needed for new functionality
1.1-beta: new functionality/API has been added, please test
1.1: new functionality/API released
1.1.1: first bugfix release
1.0.3: backport of bugfixes to previous release

Phase 2.0: Major redesign
2.0-alpha<n>: discussing the redesign/architecture changes
1.1.2: looking at design leads to discovery of bugs
2.0-beta<n>: this is what we think it should look like, please test
[2.0-rc<n>: barring critical bugs, this is what the 2.0 release will be]
2.0: Oh yeah! This is much better :)

Etc, etc ;)



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