I would not bet that we find a non-GPL MBOX/JavaMail soon, otherwise we would have already (the problem is known now for about 3 years and I think we never found one)

I would suggest to create a new project in the aperutre/svn, in parallel to aperture, aperture-addons, and aperture-webserver a new one "aperture-gpl" where we quarantine GPL parts of aperture.

In my legal understanding, we could publish this branch as GPL and add the GPL jars and dependencies there, linking to the base aperture.

We then make a separate release of this code which can be downloaded by users at own interest.

As Chris is not available for a week, we may want to wait a little for a decision, but anyway we could start now as experiment and discuss later.

Jose, can you look into the test data problem a bit and send us some files you want to have crawled, we need to put the files into SVN, so they have to be "public" (send them not via mailinglist, it will bounce because of attachments)?

Antoni, what do you think about the GPL-project idea?


It was Antoni Myłka who said at the right time 30.01.2008 17:04 the following words:
Christiaan Fluit pisze:

Let's see if Antoni can shed some light on when he thinks he can work on 
this. Right now he's very busy with VCard stuff, as you can read in 
another thread. At the very least, you could become a beta tester of the 
new crawler, that is already tremendously helpful.

Indeed, I hope I'll be able to get an alpha version of the 
VcardExtractor by tomorrow. Then I'll move on to the mailbox crawler. 
Dunno how much it will take though. If you know about working, non-GPL 
java API's that work with mbox files, please say. I wonder what would it 
take to write our own javamail provider.

Also, test files would be invaluable. I.e. msg files from outlook, mbox 
files (thunderbird, eudora) and maildir (kmail, mutt, evolution). A 
quick glance at google shows that while maildir format is quite stable - 
the mbox formats differ from each other [1]. Please be more specific, 
which email clients do you want supported (with priorities if possible).

Antoni Mylka


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