It was Christiaan Fluit who said at the right time 18.06.2007 15:07 the following words:
Antoni Mylka wrote:
thunderbirdaddresbook: - (to distinguish it from mbox:// mbox files)
file:// - normal
imap:// - normal
http:// - normal
outlook:UUID or

This would enable us to write openers and accessors for all seven 
crawlers. (Theoretically).

Sounds like a good idea!
no, if we do that we have to file in a request for registration for every new uri scheme at ICANN.
Together with the request, usually an IETF RFC has to be written.

thats a lot of work, we should definitly avoid that.

If we don't use standardized uris, we get requests from our users "what are these uris, why do they not work, etc...."

for e-mails, I see some reason to write an RFC (email:|<messageid>)
for the semanticdesktop, we could register an URI scheme at ICAN like this:

and then do things like:


At the moment I'm still trying to figure out for myself which kind of 
component really is the conceptual "owner" of the URI schemes used. Note 
for example that WebDataSource and WebCrawler are completely 
scheme-independent (all scheme-related code is delegated to 
DataAccessors, it can even crawl a hypertext graph using file: URLs), 
sometimes it is a mix of Crawler and DataAccessor, e.g. a 
FileSystemCrawler creates URLs that get copied to identical URIs by the 
FileAccessor, ImapCrawler implements both Crawler and DataAccessor and 
knowledge of the URI format is spread across both parts of the 

I assume that each opener and accessor will be able to support families 
of closely-related schemes, right? Note that right now this approach is 
already used: HttpAccessor supports http: and https:.

The question remains if the open(URI uri) method is enough to implement 
all openers. This would require all uris for 'openable' resources to 
contain enough information. For the given seven cases it should be 
possible, though the macaddressbook and thunderbird openers would 
probably be OS and application specific.

Counter-example: IMAP and any other format that requires passwords or 
other types of user credentials that should not be exposed through URIs.



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