It was Christiaan Fluit who said at the right time 17.04.2007 10:55 the following words:
Leo Sauermann wrote:
Good questions.

Actually we planned to do one pretty soon, but it somehow got forgotten 

Chris, Antoni - any ideas?

I think now is a good time, we have the move to RDF2Go and many bug 
fixes and it's probably good to issue a release before moving to the new 
Nepomuk ontologies.

Problem is that until the end of May I have zero time to work on this. 
My priorities are on releasing a new AutoFocus beta and a first beta of 
Aduna Metadata Server and attending the Semantic Technology conference, 
everything else will have to wait until all that is finished. Sorry :(
ok, I also say that the move to rdf2go is now finished and all seems to work (more or less),
and we could safely do a release.

so it would drill down to run the JUnit tests, and look at the documentation:
* does the documentation reflect the state of the source?
* does it contain enough so that you can do productive use of Aperture?

please give feedback, and- preferred - send us patches to the documentaiton!




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