Good points!

I made a new ticket/feature request about "alpha-4" in the sourceforge website, check here:

we could rate all tickets that needs solving with priority "7",
I have done that for hte IMAP bug now.

The last point, extractors based on Files, is a good one,
I would do a feature request and add our ideas there,
but maybe lets look here also, there are some ideas already brained out:

This one is also interesting:


Es begab sich aber da Christiaan Fluit zur rechten Zeit 22.01.2007 15:17 folgendes schrieb:
Leo Sauermann wrote:
To illustrate the current work:
DFKI people are currently integrating aperture into and Chris Fluit from Aduna is continuing 
integration into AMS and Autofocus. Looking at my deadlines, we ought to 
be finished with this in a month, the last release was November 2, 
before we had March 6.

All the big issues are solved, the move to RDF2Go was the biggest. There 
is some minor ontology discussion happening, so we could make a release 
around mid-February?

Christiaan, what do you think?

I also believe that the time is about right for another release. Should 
we label this alpha or beta? I think alpha is still more appropriate.

There are a few things I hope to find some time for before the release:

- Look into the test results of that MIME type identification study that 
somebody recently informed us about, see if we can get a 100% score 
there. I believe he tested alpha 3 so the results of the trunk may 
already be better than what he measured. I guess this has now turned 
into an ego matter ;)

- Look at several issues in our issue tracker, especially #1531657 that 
relates to IMAP servers not implementing the optional parts of the IMAP 
spec. This should improve crawling speed and the quality of the results. 
Also the matter of IMAP URLs may be good to look into, there was a 
request for that some time ago on this list.

- I observed that our web crawler fails completely on certain websites. 
The problem seems to be in Java's own HTTP implementation, all URLs on 
these sites simply result in IOExceptions during retrieval. Arjohn 
suggested to look at Apache Commons' HTTP client that is also used in 
Sesame, it supposedly fixes a lot of such issues and also provides a 
good basis for adding authentication functionality later on.

- I have some rough ideas about changing the Extractor API so that we 
can make use of all those extraction libraries that are File-based 
rather than InputStream-based, most notably MP3 libraries, and more. I 
will post it to this list soon.


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