the question was on DOC - documentation
and I suggested to do the same as the sesames with docbook XML

and Jack said that they had problems with opendoc (don't know what that is) and that open office is better.

true - I don't know of any editor for the docbook xml :-|

we search for something to write docs

Es begab sich aber da Christiaan Fluit zur rechten Zeit 05.12.2006 09:25 folgendes schrieb:
Jack Park wrote:
My own comment is that, while I don't want to start a flame war, I have 
this intuition that the XML format in Open Office might be a better XML 
to persist to than would be OpenDoc. That format just went ISO standard. 
I am not saying OpenDoc is inadequate. I will say that it has been 
really tough finding a decent editor for it; all of the OpenIRIS 
documents were formatted in OpenDoc and the apache fop project, which we 
used, is buggy, needed patching, and is also nolonger developed. I'd 
much rather just use OpenOffice to do this kind of work. Perhaps an OO 
template for biblio representations either exists or could be created.

I don't see your point exactly but perhaps I misunderstood.

First of all, does your comment relate to Leo's question about a bibtex 
crawler of to the choice for a documentation framework? I assume it's 
the latter but as you refer to "biblio representations" at the end, I 
got confused.

With "the XML format in Open Office" you mean the older XML-based 
formats used by OpenOffice 1.x? As OpenDocument is the primary document 
format of OpenOffice 2.x, why not use that? Besides OpenOffice there are 
other editors available for it as well and since it has been 
standardized, I would expect that in the end more tools will support 
OpenDocument than the older format.


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