#96 Support the retrieval of individual emails


To achieve this, (IMAP-)Mail Crawler should provide

1. a method that returns all email URIs of the email archive (as alternative a method that returns all email URIs of a specific email folder, but then a method that returns all email folder URIs would be necessary)

2. a method that returns the individual email (identified via URI)

Is it possible to implement such a feature? It would allow a more specific analysis of the user's email archive.


  • Antoni Mylka
    Antoni Mylka

    Well, if you want to do such a thing inside Aperture, then you'd probably have to crawl a server and store all URIs. This would have the advantage that you could refresh the list periodically with incremental crawl. This would probably take some time though, as the crawler processes each email pretty extensively.

    If I needed that myself, I would do that outside Aperture. I would write a piece of code with javamail that opens a given folder and prefetches the UIDs of emails. Then I would use the folder and the list of UID's to construct a list of URIs by concatenating appropriate strings. The URIs generated by the imap crawler are simple:


    then you could use the IMAPCrawler.getDataObject method to "return the individual email (identified via URI)"