#7 standardize URLs to be retrievable and openable

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Leo Sauermann

PRoblem is:
our way of registering/handling URIS based on prefixes and URNs and so on may be shortsighted, when the community is a lot better already.

Someone has to look on below facts and compare it to the reality in our registries.


Leo wrote:
> > I think we would need external experts, who know how this works. For
> > example, windows has a shellExecute function that is similar to our
> > DataOpener.

Java 6 comes with a Desktop class that has functionality for opening and
editing files, opening URLs, etc. The code for this was originally part
of the JDIC open source project (https://jdic.dev.java.net/), so a jar
file with this code is available for people who need to use Java 5. I
recommend that we use this, we have looked ourselves into opening files
on Windows, Mac OS X, KDE, Gnome, etc. and it's not a pretty sight.

The JDIC library unfortunately uses other package names than the Desktop
class In Java 6. We could implement a DataOpener that looks at the JVM
version and based on that decides which Desktop class to use through
introspection (or perhaps the JVM will allow you to append your own
java.awt.Desktop class to the classpath serving as a bridge?) or just
stick to JDIC only (but this probably requires native libraries in your
library path).


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    I rate this ticket lower now - opening uris is the second thing to do after standardizing them.