Dear Apbs users,

I am new to apbs and am just getting started. I installed the lastest version on an AMD 64 / Red Hat EL4 compiling from source. When I try and run apbs from the command line as a test, I get the following error message. I do not know if my software is improperly functioning or if the error lies on the usage, or my machine. The following is copied from the output:

Parsing input file
parseMG:  GAMMA keyword deprecated!
parseMG:  Please see new APOLAR documentation.
Parsed input file.
Got paths for 1 molecules
Reading PQR-format atom data from /home/seth/amberfiles/patel-telomere/abps-tmp/apbs.12789/patel-telomere-model1.pdb.pqr.
Vio_ctor2: some error occurred.
Vio_ctor: Vio_ctor2() failed.
Problem opening virtual socket /home/seth/amberfiles/patel-telomere/abps-tmp/apbs.12789/patel-telomere-model1.pdb.pqr!
Error reading molecules!