Hi Ryan –


Thanks for the information!


Out of curiousity, can you say why you compiled it on your own?  Did the pre-compiled binaries not work for you?





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Hello Everyone,


I recently got APBS to finally work on my rMBP (Mavericks installed).  It took a lot to fiddle with, but here is a description of what I did to get it working.  I’m no computer expert by any means, but google helped me through this process.  All in all it took about 3 hours to get fully installed.  I apologize if I left something out or if people feel this is incorrect. But it worked for me. The instructions and files are listed below.





First switch to macpolhybrid if you haven’t already

make sure you have Xcode installed and that command line tools are installed

run this in terminal to update command line tools


xcode-select —install


a GUI will open up and click install


you may also have to make sure you have the Developer package of Xcode installed.  Run it regardless to be sure.


xcode-select —switch /your/path/to/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer


Make sure you point to the correct location of your Xcode.app


Now install fink  (this takes quite a while)