Hi Goran –


I’m sorry but the APBS Windows installation but is one that we’re aware of and have fixed; we’re currently testing a new installer.  Please let us know if you would like to beta test.


Do you have PDB2PQR installed locally?  I’m unsure about where you’re trying to run it.



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From: Göran Larsson [mailto:goran.larsson@medchem.umu.se]
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Subject: [apbs-users] Installing apbs


Error message: Output file missing or unreadable


I’m having problems using the APBS plugin in VMD (tried both in Win XP 32 and Ubuntu). I have previously just used the pdb2pqr web service successfully but when I try to run it locally I get the “output file missing or unreadable” error message using the same pqr-file as the web server. I don’t have any spaces in the path, so what could be wrong?


Another weird thing is that when I Install APBS, I make C:/program/APBS the installation directory, but it always puts the executive file directly under c:/ and there is no APBS directory.