put fink in a location that you want to stay /your/path/to/Programs for example.
open terminal where the tar ball is.
run these commands

tar -xvf fink-0.36.0.tar
cd fink-0.36.0

quit terminal and reopen terminal to update fink (your environment for fink should now be set up)

fink selfupdate-rsync
fink index -f

now you have fink

open terminal and run

fink install apbs
(you may run into python27 issues.  if this happens , open terminal run: fink install python27 Another thing that may be an issue is changing fink to the ‘unstable’ version, it didn’t happen to me but if it does there is a website that can be used to change to the unstable release)

this will put the proper binaries and other things for apbs into /sw directory

next install this plugin for apbs into pymol