#80 New Config APIs to document default values.

Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson

AOLserver uses a configuration file containing ns_section and
ns_param commands which are executed upon server startup.

The values obtained from the configuration file can override
default values which are set in the C files.

However, there is currently no method of easily documenting
what values are used, and what configuration options are
available without examining the C source files.

I propose adding new APIs which replace single lines of code in
the C source files where default values are stored in C
structures for later useage of the running server. Each new api
will attempt to append a new Ns_Set field to an existing set
associated with the section.

I have rewritten nsd/config.c and added four lines to include/ns.h
which provides the required APIs.

I have also written a C module and example config section for
testing the changes. The tar file contains the changed files and
the new module.

The files, along with diffs to 4.1a are located at