#39 Cache compiled Tcl page bytecode

Jamie Rasmussen

AOLserver 3.3+AD13 would cache compiled Tcl page
bytecode instead of reloading the file every time the
page was hit.

Rob Mayoff implemented this in file.tcl and
tclcache.tcl (new). The feature relied on the ns_cache
command provided by the nscache module. (The code does
check for the availability of the command.)

The attached file includes file.tcl and tclcache.tcl.


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    Hi Jamie!

    No files are attached. I'm in the process of cleaning up the
    backlogs a little. Is this request still valid?


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    Odd, I don't know where the attachment went, I suppose I may
    have completely forgotten to attach it way back when...

    I originally submitted this while we were trying to bring
    all of the AD13 bugfixes and features to 4.0 so that the AD
    fork of AOLserver would no longer be necessary. I'm not
    personally using this patch and can't say I've really tested
    it or examined it in depth. These changes definitely aren't
    in 4.0 though.

    If someone else can make a case for why this patch is
    useful, that would be great, otherwise I don't mind if it
    this ticket is closed.

  • Patched file.tcl and tclcache.tcl

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    I believe the patch is very useful for performance reasons,
    that's why Rob did it. Although I haven't tried it, I'm
    pretty sure it DOES apply to the tcl/adp page pairs used by
    the OpenACS templating system, so at least one large group
    of AOLserver users should be interested in this for their
    larger sites.

    Please do not close the ticket until/unless someone actually
    either implements this.

    Could you post the patch you made against 4.0 again? If you
    can, I'd be willing to try it out and test it a bit.

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    Dossy Shiobara

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