Can't delete vertices in my mesh.

  • What would stop me from deleting vertices in a mesh? This is a mesh not an actor. Originally I created half the mesh and then mirrored it with the mirror plugin. Now I want to make changes to the mesh and I can no longer delete vertices. Does anyone know why?

    If I try to delete vertices such that an illegal surface will be made, I get an error. If I try to delete vertices that won't result in an illegal surface, then nothing happens at all. 

  • Ok, I selected the part I wanted to delete and then subdivided it just out of desparation. Now I can delete points again! Strange.

  • Now I have a related problem. I have some degenerate vertices hanging in space, probably the result of lathing a curve, and I can't delete them.

  • Peter Eastman
    Peter Eastman

    It sounds like your mesh has somehow gotten messed up, and contains incorrect topology.  Give the SolidTool plugin a try.  It has features for fixing problematic meshes.