#342 object list cannot be unhidden from menu


After the command "scene/hide object list" (from the menu) the object list is hidden, as expected. But now this menu command should transform into a "show object list" command, but it does not. Note that show/hide behaviour works for the coordinate axes : if the coordinate axes are shown, I see a "hide" command, and if they are not shown, I see a "show command". Seen on Windows XP, using AOI 2.5.1.


  • Luke S
    Luke S

    This bug is weirding me out. The exact same method is used when updating the "show Score" menu item. (layoutWindow, lines 1002 and 1005) "show Score" updates and functions fine, but not "show object list". Working in the scripting console, I can verify that


    returns the default width if the list is hidden by the menu item, and clicking the command again does nothing. If the list is re-sized by dragging,


    returns the correct current width, and the command will reset to standard width if the list has been hidden by dragging, But in this case, the menu has not been updated. (Hide score updates correctly if the score has been dragged closed.)

    I had some goals for this code, (Plugins that try to do any re-arranging beyond adding a menu item tend to cause things to break - with no easy way around.) But I don't wan't to even consider changing anything else until I understand what is going on in this bug.

    Last edit: Luke S 2015-01-18