PS: if this patch realy go to code, it will have to change the "VERSION" in aoe.h too (its easier to detect if you are running the patched module with aoe-version)

     Marcelo Messa

Em 15/01/2008, ās 11:38, Marcelo Messa escreveu:

On Jan 12, 2008 12:53 PM, Sam Hopkins <> wrote:

Thank you very much Sam!

The patch worked very nicely.

One could argue that any virtual NICs that claim to be Ethernet
should perform the required padding of the medium they are

I agree. I had no response in Xen list, so I opened a bugtrack (virtualization environment has a inconsistent behavior about padding).

A tip about this topic (refering case) is to put vblade on bridge (e.g: xenbr0) and not in vif for localhost/Dom0 be able to "see" its aoe disk (remembering that not necessarily this is a good idea).

    Marcelo Messa