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Error 905

  • I've got HP iPAQ 514 with Windows Mobile 6, when I'm trying to install anyremote I'm getting 'error 905, Attribute incompatibility' (I have Polish version of WM6, this is a translation).

    • Does Java in HP iPAQ 514 supports JSR82 ? Actually i'm doubt of that.
      Does the iPAQ have WiFi ?
      Anyway, if it is possible to connect to PC with anyRemote with WEB browser of Your
      iPaq then You can try WEB-interface of anyRemote (

    • Java (jBlend) in iPAQ doesn't support JSR-82 ;/
      Yes, WiFi is supported in this smartphone.
      But I'm looking for something to control my Xubuntu via bluetooth and at this point I don't want to use WiFi... ;/

      Can I download from somewhere another Java? Java with JSR-82 support?

      I read that anyRemote supports phones without JSR-82...

      • Well, could You access from iPAQ's Web browser to PC through bluetooth ?
        in this case try anyremote2http.
        If there is any chance to use WiFi - try to use anyRemote java client over WiFi
        ( i hope it will work even iPAQ does not support JSR82)