no client access to bt on nokia 2760

father ted
  • father ted
    father ted

    i _think_ this is the problem at least.

    when i tell the client to search, it finds my pc's bluetooth.

    but, when i click on connect, i get a popup message on the phone saying:
    Application access set to not allowed.

    i went to the options for anyremote, and the app. access option appears to be grayed out.

    i clicked on it anyhow.  and get a popup saying:  not available for this application.

    here is some of gnokii's identify information about the phone, in case it helps:

    Manufacturer : Nokia
    Model        : RM-391
    Product name : RM-391
    Revision     : V 05.45

    it's a T-mobile phone, btw.

    it seems that the phone is not allowing access to BT for the client.

    anyone have any ideas?

  • Mike

    Could the phone be provider-locked ?