Java client for phone with MIDP 1.0

  • Hello,
    i have an old motorola a835 and i would use it only as remote control, but the phone supports jar with MIDP 1.0.
    Does a anyremote MIDP 1.0 jar exist? where i can found it? if there isn't one, can the developers edit one?

    i want to thank you, all.

    sorry if i had made errors writing this thread

    • Mike

      Well, but does a835 support jsr82 java specification ?
      So, which way You plans to use a835 with anyRemote ? (bluetooth connetion, IR connection, internet connection,
      Wi-Fi connection, through WEB-interface)

    • First,thanks for the answear.

      i'm not sure that a835 supports jsr82,i will try whit some apps or game that use this specification and then i reply You.
      i plan to use bluethoot connection.

      • Mike

        It seesm to me a835 should not support jsr82. If so, try to use anyRemote in AT mode.