Application Error on install

  • I have a Motorola V195 ( which should support JSR82. I can send it to the phone over bluetooth and it asks me if I want to install it, but then it just says "Application Error" and exits.

    • Mike

      Well, seems there is a problem.

      1. As for now try to use anyRemote in AT mode.
      2. try to install older version of java client (4.0-4.3) and inform me what is going on.
      3. If You have a spare time i could try to debug the problem with Your help. In this case
      mail me at

    • I have been able to install 4.5 of the Java client on my phone and am now getting openConnection / Exception at the bottom of the screen. I will email you and we can try to troubleshoot it. I'm not sure how much help I will be able to offer though.