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config of server

  • hi,

    first of all let me say, that this piece of software is very nice! i've tried three other possibilities before i gave anyremote a try. it took just 5 minutes and i was able to control rhythmbox & impress via my nokia-cellphone. that's the way i like it! congratulations!

    i'm just wondering, if there is a way to tell the server not to search for reachable devices periodically. every minute there's a popup with devices i don't want to connect. it would be great for me, if anyremote only searches for devices when i want it to. is there a possibility?

    • Yes.
      Descend into Setup->Properties and set "Run device browser ..." field to empty.

    • thanks! now this tool is perfect for me!
      (it already was before ;-)

    • Mike

      By the way, which cell phone do You use wit anyRemote ?