Developing a client in C or C++

  • Hello folks,

    What is the recommended way to start developing a new anyRemote client in C or C++? Since only the anyRemote server is written in ISO C it seems that examining the server code would provide the best clues as how to proceed writing a client, right?

    What does the (client) source code look like to simply connect to the anyRemote server over TCP/IP sockets?

  • Mike

    As a pattern for anyRemote C client You can use anyremote2html python script.

  • Okay, after looking at anyremote2html there are nearly no comments at all in it.

    I see two classes:

    class arHandler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler)
    class arConverter(threading.Thread)

    What do they do? It looks like arConverter is HTML specific meaning I can ignore it when writing a client using the anyremote socket protocol (not HTTP.)

    Is there any protocol or API documentation that helps to write a easy 'Hello World' type of anyremote client?