Some thoughts

  • First of all this app is awesome - another function to be replaced by a mobile phone !

    After testing here are some thoughts :

    Bugs (?)
    - tvtime has no exit button
    - totem doesnt show up in All-in-one2.cfg

    Feature requests
    - a system.cfg with functions like shutdown / reboot / etc
    - support for special buttons ( e.g. SE K800i has 5 extra buttons which could be used, e.g. zoom in / out, Play, ... )
    - better support for high res display ( e.g. 240x320 )
    - in tvtime display epg data if available ( e.g. Running Now / Coming next )
    - rating support for rhythmbox ( e.g. draw stars grey / yellow ) and add buttons to raise / lower rating

    - often play pause stop buttons can be unified in a single play / pause button ( e.g. rhytmbox ) saving 2 buttons for other functions
    - IMHO sound buttons are not used so often, maybe vol+ / vol- / mute can always be put in the popup menu for every app that supports it ?
    - Same goes for fullscreen toggle
    - Same goes for quit remote controlled app - it probably should always be an option in the popoup menu not wasting a button
    - Create a real forum for anyremote ( phpbb or similar ) which will create a lot more useful user discussion.

    I hope I can contribute.


    • - I found out how to terminate tvtime - yet I think that it would be better to have an Quit entry for all apps in the popup menu.
      - A nice feature for the java client would be to be able to automatically connect to a server on startup !

    • As you can see on your own screenshots the icons dont use the full width of the scren at certain resolutions :

      It would be nice if the icon set in this case would use icons of the size 64x32 and the buttons could show the actual key ( ugly mockups )  :

      It makes the interface more intuitive IMHO ( otherwise users have to think about which row a certain button is ).

    • Mike

      Hi !

      Nice ideas )
      I'm going to think about them.

      If You want to contribute something, just write to to clarify the details.

    • I just had a better idea how to use the full display area for button display. The background could be drawn dynamically to fill the whole area and the actual button icons are then overlayed ( in the best futting size ).