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Anthem / News: Recent posts

Anthem 0.0.12

After a development lull Anthem 0.0.12 has been released. This sees compatibility with the TSE3 0.1.2 library.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2002-01-17

Anthem 0.0.8

The 0.0.8 release is largely a set of bugfixes, and new facilities for developers who will extend Anthem.
- Main Song window now resizes correctly.
- Application uses FileRecongiser.
- Nicer ListEditer - although still not complete yet.
- PhraseEditor window has new plugin support scaffold.
- PhraseEditor is no longer a KMainWindow which works around some weird KDE 'features'
- Sorted out naff KDE RecentFileAction behaviour
New facilities:
- More ListEditor implementation

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2001-02-13

Anthem 0.0.7 release

This version of the Anthem sequencer is a much more mature application. There are many, many new features, but highlights include:
- List editor
- Zoom widget in the PartView
- System tray gadget showing app status
- Much better application configuration

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2001-01-24

Anthem 0.0.6 release

There hasn't been a development release of Anthem for a while, and a lot of work has gone on in between releases. This includes (but is not limited to):

- Updates to work with latest TSE3 (0.0.16)
- Updated Settings window to a tree list
- Added an Instruments settings page where you can add/remove instrument definitions
- Good file load/save, including opening from command line args
- PartView window redraw drastically improved, with settings alterable in the settings window.
- Build structure sorted out
- Select menu
- Splash screen
- Progress dialogue for file load/ins file import
- Implementataion of the TSE3 DisplayParams preset colours
- SongWindow has a file modified status
- PartView RMB menu
- Nicer PhraseListWindow
- SongWindow can now change it's current song, used if you load a file and you haven't modified the current song
- SongWindow can now save and RESTORE itself when the session is restarted... read more

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-11-20

0.0.5 release

This is a significant release. Not only are some minor bugs fixed, but the build system has been dramatically improved - there is no more hackery since "configure" can now find the TSE3 library by itself.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-10-20

0.0.4 release

The most important change is that this should be buildable! The "make dist" in the standard kde kapptemplate does not seem to archive some of the necesarry files.

Other changes include:
- Much flicker reduced in the PartView
- Fixed PartView horizontal size
- Cut/copy/paste icons reflect the clipboard status
- The rubber drag box for selections in the PartView
now does auto scroll.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-10-04

0.0.3 Anthem release

The latest Anthem release is still a pre-release development snapshot, but it highlights how much work has gone into development.

The program has been updated to work with the latest KDE2 snaphot and the latest (0.0.12) TSE3 library. Many new features have been added, and the framework for Phrase editors has been laid (there still aren't any, though!).

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-09-28